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“Brave” vs. “Roar”

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The most recent pop star controversy: “Brave” vs. “Roar.” Sara Bareilles released “Brave” back in April as the first single to her album The Blessed Unrest. “Roar,” the buoyant hit by Katy Perry, was released mid-August as the first single to her upcoming album, Prism.

Drama ensued because the songs sound a tad similar. Bareilles has voiced to ABC News Radio that there isn’t a problem, and that both herself and Perry are just trying to spread positive messages.

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Bareilles sings, “Honestly I want to see you be brave/With what you want to say/And let the words fall out.” While Perry sings, “I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath/Scared to rock the boat and make a mess.” When seeing the songs next to each other, they even appear to be having a conversation. But, the conversation is an optimistic one, so let ‘em roar.


Written by Kerri Ann Raimo