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Tomorrowland presents TomorrowWorld

Tomorrowland is making a magical journey to this great country of the United States of America. Tomorrowland presents, “TomorrowWorld.” This will take place September 27-29, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia—the same place Counterpoint Festival was hosted.


If you do not know what Tomorrowland is then you are severely sheltered. No, just kidding but seriously. Tomorrowland is one of the largest electronic dance music (EDM) festivals in the world. This sold out 180,000 tickets within a second according to press materials provided by the festival. If you have not jumped on the EDM bandwagon yet, you are missing out on a variety of amazing and beautiful experiences. Tomorrowland is held in Belgium every year. This festival is known as a mystery land that one can only dream. With a variety of sub-genres within the electronic music scene, including a tent called, “I Love the 90s.” There is no way you could not find your favorite genre or artist.

TomorrowWorld is going to be a part of this journey and something America has not ever seen. EDM lovers have only dreamed of attending Tomorrowland and this will be a taste of the impossible. This will be an elixir of life that embraces the fundamental elements such as love, unity, and sublime beauty. Set performers have not been announced so keep your ears and your eyes open because this will definitely sell out within minutes. This is one of the greatest announcements for the EDM family known to date.

By: Kara Marie Nesbitt